Kenwood Knitters on a mission to give back – Scarves for local elementary students

The residents of The Kenwood Senior Living who belong to the Kenwood Knitters, a knitting group, completed a project of knitting scarves for second graders from the Ella Baker Elementary School in Minneapolis. Each child wrote a thank you note to the senior who made their scarf.

“The children were so excited,” said Mariann Bentz, activities assistant at The Kenwood. “It was wonderful to see a classroom of grinning children wearing their scarves. It was also very touching to see the residents’ reactions to the thank you letters.”

Founded in 2012, the Kenwood Knitters meets weekly on Thursdays. For the scarf project which took six months, the knitters selected their colors and knitted either with the group members and/or in their apartments. The yarn was supplied from a grant from Thrivent Insurance Company.

“Knitting offers many health benefits,” said Bentz. “It is a relaxing and calming activity that can reduce stress and anxiety. Knitting helps stimulate the brain to keep focused as well. In a social setting like our knitting group, it can result in reduced loneliness and isolation.”

“I enjoy the community of the knitting group,” said Susan Anderson, a resident of The Kenwood for 14 years. “Knitting keeps my hands busy, and it also keeps me focused. We like being together. It’s very supportive.”

The rhythmic, repetitive motions of yarn crafts can also release serotonin, which is a natural analgesic and antidepressant. The members of the Kenwood Knitters acknowledge that the most satisfying aspect of knitting is when a finished product helps or comforts others.

Kenwood resident Patricia Kasimor was a British war bride who learned to knit in school. “Knitting is much more useful and popular in my home country. Currently I am making scarves and caps to send to Ukraine.”

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