Minneapolis Skyline view from the Kenwood


Kenwood Senior Living Building

The Kenwood’s history begins in the early 1980s with a business partnership to create “active retirement living.” That vision served as the foundation to develop The Kenwood, a new high-rise luxury senior community in an ideal urban setting.

After many months of planning and construction, The Kenwood opened in 1986 as the premier retirement community in the area. Since that time, The Kenwood has been an industry leader, providing a wide variety of high-quality services, amenities and programs at reasonable rates.

The original vision continues to this day as The Kenwood is still owned and operated by the same group that initially developed the property. While they remain involved in the day-to-day operations and provide support to the management staff to ensure that The Kenwood remains one of the area’s top-rated retirement communities, they also give The Kenwood staff the autonomy and independence to serve the community’s seniors in the best manner possible.