Kenwood University

Oak Park Arms

Kenwood University is a program that was established to bring ongoing educational and informational materials to you along with some good old fashioned fun. This program is interactive as well as incentive based. All attendees will have an opportunity to earn free items just by attending the events marked as a class.

You will be able to identify the courses easily as they will be identified in the monthly activity calendar and on the posters placed on each floor with “KU”. You will receive 1 poker chip (or “credit”) for each course you attend. Once you have accumulated your KU credits you can cash them in with your activities department for useful or fun items.

Classes you can attend will land under the following categories:

  • KU Health
  • These classes typically happen one time a month and are presented by one of our amazing partnerships with Home Health Care service. This may also include workshops or presentations offered by other experts.

  • KU Culture
  • These classes would focus on world travel, the studies of other cultures, or specified outing opportunities.

  • KU Arts
  • These classes would focus on the weekly MacPhail Music for Life programming, Museum Outings or specified outing opportunities related to the arts.

  • KU Learning
  • These classes cover a much broader spectrum of topics and outing opportunities. These will typically be presentations where you can functionally use what you learn in your life or any other opportunity to gain new knowledge about something. Examples would be: OLLI Classes, Vision Specialist workshop, Preparing your taxes, or a reading by Book Authors.

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