A toe-in-the-water approach to assisted living

Making the decision to move to a community for senior living is a challenging one for older adults as well as for their family members. Frankly, it’s a huge step, and the finality of such a decision frequently prevents any decision at all.

The support team at the Kenwood completely understands this procrastination predicament, and now there’s another option. The “big step” can be turned into a “toe in the water” by the invitation to enjoy a short-term stay at the Kenwood. Furnished apartments are available for a weekend, a week, a month or longer.

A short-term stay may be the answer for a safe and nurturing place to enjoy while adult children are away. Another reason might be a protected place for recovery from an illness, but the most common reason is to sample life at The Timbers.

“With pride, we are opening our doors to people who would like to stay as guests,” said Jennifer Jennifer Volkenant, executive director of The Kenwood. “We provide residents and short-term guests with a lifestyle of choice, comfort and independence. Try us. You’ll like us.”

For more information, visit https://www.thekenwood.net or contact Jennifer Volkenant at 612-374-8100.


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