Perennially Active – Sally Howard

Kenwood Retirement Community resident Sally Howard is a go-getter. She’s friendly, energetic, and a great listener. During the pandemic, when social isolation was the norm, an attentive housekeeper at The Kenwood noticed that Sally and another resident had the same painting, a scene from Puerto Vallarta in Sally’s beloved Mexico. The housekeeper asked Sally to pay a socially-distanced visit to the other home-bound resident. Sally was thrilled to be able to chat with a new friend.

Sally is a graduate of Macalester College. She majored in sociology and English, but also participated in many extra-curricular activities such as choir and the tennis team, a habit that has continued through her life. Sally says she has a short attention span when it comes to her career, as she changed jobs every five to ten years when she wanted a new challenge. With each assignment she learned and grew, stayed connected to many interesting people along the way, and helped others reach their potential while reaching her own.

In all her work, Sally got people to work together and cooperate. Sally talks fondly of her first job with Y teens, working with girls15-18 through the YWCA. As Volunteer Director for Abbott Hospital, Sally worked with hundreds of volunteers who improved the quality of the patients stays by delivering mail, reading letters, staffing the giftshop and coffee shop, and generally provided another friendly face for the patients. After Abbott merged with Northwestern Hospital, Sally took a position in Community Relations.

Throughout her life Sally has been politically active and in the late 1970s decided to run for Minneapolis City Council and was the city council person for Ward 10 for six years. She used her skill as an avid listener to work with neighborhood groups and businesses to bring amenities such as Calhoun Square to fruition.

After deciding not to run again, Sally took a vacation in Mexico to refresh herself. Her friends back in Minneapolis heard about a perfect job for her in public relations at the University of Minnesota’s new Academic Health Center. She got the job. It was a fun job, it was a new challenge, and a chance to expand her horizons. She used her talents of listening, getting everyone to work together, and highlighting the achievements of the Health Center.

Sally is enjoying life at the Kenwood. She credits the leadership and staff at the Kenwood with keeping everyone safe during the pandemic. Ever the traveler, Sally was in Mexico in 2020 when the pandemic hit and was relieved to get back to her Kenwood home safely. She takes part in the exercise classes five days a week. She credits the Activities Director with finding great movies. She hopes you may not see Sally when you visit The Kenwood. She is always moving fast, on to the next activity, chat, or challenge.