Wine and Cheese, Meet The Artist


We have the great pleasure of showing another resident artist in our Kramer Gallery!  This time the medium is embroidery and her pictures take you away to another place.

Erica Bouza has always been drawn to art, pottery, and for thirty years, jewelry.  Now she enjoys embroidery.  The magic of micro embroidery lies in its ability to convey a magical scene in miniature form.

“I fell in love with hand embroidery after a trip to Hampton Court near London.  I searched for a school to learn the craft, but none were available, so I taught myself from books.  Like most things, the more time spent at it the easier it became.  I embroider on cotton fabric with the wonderful embroidery thread from France.  After six years it is my true love.  Each piece takes 100 hours.

Her pieces are available for sale and cost $175.00.