Thomas Lowry Memorial: Dedication Centennial Program

1915 – August 18 – 2015

Join us in celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Minneapolis’ most outstanding civic monument.
On the sunlit afternoon of August 18, 1915 2,000 persons gathered to honor the memory of Thomas Lowry. Culminating five years of efforts by friends and family, the memorial was unveiled by two of Lowry’s grandsons, Thomas Lowry II and Lowry Hagerman.
Thomas Lowry arrived in Minneapolis as a young man in 1867 and played a strong role in building up the community, becoming a transit and real estate magnate.
A survey of the memorial’s first century will include it’s design by internationally famous architectural sculptor Karl Bitter, relocation in 1967, recent local historic designation and prospects for ongoing conservation.
The program will be presented by architect and community historian Peter Sussman.