Senior Support Group – Cancelled

Seniors are often faced with life changes.  They may find themselves feeling depressed and anxious, not knowing how to move forward. When seniors were growing up, it was not socially acceptable to openly share personal feelings, such as depression, anxiety, and fear, as well as the secrets surrounding potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Thankfully, times have changed! It is no longer necessary for anyone to feel alone or isolated in their personal and medical struggles. At times, it can be a relief to find non-judgemental support outside one’s own immediate circle of family and friends. Senior support groups can be the perfect solution as they are available for many different kinds of ailments, diseases, and situations.

Seniors band together strengthening each other by sharing their feelings, experiences, and suggestions related to mutual issues of concern. Support group members typically share reliable information about current medical treatments, the latest research, and practical strategies for living with a particular disease. (MDJunction, 2006-2017, Seniors Support Groups, from

Please consider joining The Kenwood’s Senior Support Group led by the residents at The Kenwood.  This group is designed as a judgement free zone where you are able to discuss concern you have on various topics.  The group currently meets once a month but is considering twice monthly.

Next meeting takes place Tuesday, June 27th at 1:30pm in the Den. Please consider joining us.