Presentation by BBB: Safeguarding Seniors-Be Empowered to Take Action Against Financial Scams and Fraud

Have you ever been pressured to provide personal information to someone you don’t know over the phone or through email? Or received a phone call or letter letting you know you’ve suddenly won a large amount of money? Senior financial abuse is often under-reported and misunderstood. The Better Business Bureau and Allianz Life have partnered together to provide the seminar, “Safeguarding Our Seniors – Be Empowered to Take Action” to raise awareness and empower seniors and caregivers to take action against senior fraud and financial abuse. During this workshop you’ll learn to:
Recognize the red flags that let you know when something isn’t quite right
Understand the creditable resources available to you for questions and reporting
Be empowered to take action when a financial scam or fraud crosses your path