National Night Out Eve with The Mouldy Figs

The Kenwood’s annual National Night Out EVE celebration with Ice Cream sundaes and music by the ever talented Mouldy Figs.  Join us as we celebrate with friend and family and the local community on July 31st at 6:00pm in front of The Kenwood.

The Mouldy Figs are a traditional New Orleans jazz band and beyond created by Jim Field.

As a High School kid in the Chicago area, Jim and friends put together a band to play for a Young Life meeting. Author, Studs Turkel entered the practice room and said “You are a bunch of Mouldy Figs” Jim Says, “ As Mr. Turkel described a Mouldy Fig as one that plays Old New Orleans Jazz, we decided then to call the band MOULDY FIGS.

In the 1970s Jim Relocated to the twin Cities and soon had the Figs playing at Fiorito’s in St Paul, Since then they have been a family favorite band in the twin Cities, playing steady Gigs usual Sunday afternoons in the area. Over the last 30 years they played steady at the Bungalow, Bench Warmer Bob’s, Lincoln Dell, and now are alternate Sundays at Mainstreet in Hopkins and Shamrocks in St. Paul plus now back at the Bungalow for the First Tuesday Fat Tuesday celebration of each month.

For the last 5 years they have played at the Vikings and Twins games and in June of 2007 played as guest artists with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Figs have played in more than 30 grade Schools with “The History of River Boat Music” educational show created by the St Paul Rotary Club for the Grand Excursion in 2003. Jim describes their music this way: “We always have fun and family in mind when we perform. We want to add happy thoughts through this wonderful form of “Old Jazz”.