Meet the Artist Wine and Cheese Social: Kat Corrigan

I have been painting for twenty years, more seriously since 2007, and nearly daily since 2010. Committing to a daily painting has caused a great maturation in my technique; my decision-making process has become intuitive and automatic, to the point where my efficiency has reached epic proportions. I need to be able to paint a work quickly and usually in one sitting, or it doesn’t feel as “fresh” as I like it. Often when a piece isn’t working I find it easier to gesso over it and start again.
A piece is successful for me when I want to keep looking at it. When I have truly captured the essence of the animal in a portrait or the deep purple tones of the shadows in a street scene, I am in awe of myself. That is when I feel I am being an instrument of the art itself. The work exists somewhere – I am simply translating the vision.

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