Meet the Artist Wine and Cheese Social: Donna Triska

Making art is a joy for me, no matter what medium I use.  I love the feel of it on my fingers, the array of colors, and the random images that pop into my head.  I get so enraptured in the process that I am often surprised that what seemed like 10 minutes was in fact 2 hours.  
My parents are Matej & Patricia Triska, of the Triska Troupe, a high wire circus act.  When I was young we traveled across America and parts of Europe performing.  I was privileged to meet people from many different cultures.  I also believe this is where my deep love of animals and extroverted tendencies stemmed from.
I enjoy a painting all things animal, my favorite subjects to paint are, goldfish & Japanese koi, and  both domestic & wild cats     
I am also having a great time exploring the oddness that lurks within in my new weird and wonderful series.