Home for Life Animal Sancuary

Join us as they begin their 2x/month visits! They will meet in the Kramer room and when it’s nice the dogs can run around outside on the patio and you are welcome and encouraged to play with them!

Sunday September 8th at 2pm

Sunday September 22nd at 2pm

*We ask that you leave your own pets at home

Animals Give Back: The Peace Creatures® programs created by Home for Life® foster a stronger bond of mutual respect between people and animals by having them work together towards a common, mutually beneficial goal.

The best ambassadors for Home for Life’s® mission are our animals: we have always believed our at-risk animals can help their human counterparts, at-risk people of all ages. Instead of creating an isolated sanctuary for dogs and cats, cut off from society, we thought the best way to safeguard our special animals was to make them part of the community. Instead of being considered pathetic pariahs, or somehow “broken,” our animals and Home for Life® strive to be of service, paying it forward to the community that helps support us.

Although our animals have not beenable to find placement in an adoptive home or stay in the home they had, they still have much to offer and much to give, a truth best demonstrated by them through our outreach programs which provide solace and joy through healing pet therapy. No one who meets one of our animals through our outreach programs can ever again dismiss them as unworthy of life just because they were not be able to be adopted or keep the home they had.

Home for Life® has created an array of innovative, cost effective, replicable and model programs incorporating many of our special needs animals, together with our volunteers and staff. Through our programs, Home for Life’s® volunteers and staff unselfishly contribute their time and share their love of animals with vulnerable people of our community in partnership with Home for Life® and our special animals.