Fraud Prevention Workshop

LSSFraud is very real, very current, and an ongoing issue with all persons but especially seniors who may not be aware of the most current scams.  Scam artists are constantly changing and we’d like you to be informed of whats happening in our society. Join us for this free workshop at 2:00pm in the Den. This presentation is brought to you by LSS Financial Counseling.

Senior Fraud Prevention

How do financial scams and fraud happen?

What are the most common types of fraud?

  • Sweepstakes, foreign lottery, or prize notifications
  • The “grandparent” emergency call or family/friend financial exploitation
  • “Get rich quick” investments and Ponzi schemes
  • Debt buyer collection calls
  • Affinity fraud, “sucker lists,” and re-victimization by recovery scams
  • Identity theft – fastest growing crime in America

What can we do to prevent fraud and to stop it if it does happen?

  1. Manage your mail and financial papers
  2. Manage phone solicitations
  3. Stay safe with email and the internet

Remember: it isn’t rude, it’s shrewd. You have the right to say “no thanks” & hang up.

Report it: MN Attorney General 651-296-3353

Report it: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 855-411-2370

Report it: FTC’s Identity Theft hotline 877-438-4338