Dr. Chris Palmer – Low Vision Optometrist Presentation

Dr. Chris PalmerWe invite and encourage you to attend this very special presentation given by local doctor Chris Palmer on Monday, March 6th at 3:00pm in the Den. He has appeared on Kare11 news on two different occasions informing the public about his specialty.  http://www.kare11.com/life/family/sandwich-generation/sandwich-generation-treating-low-vision/402500536

Chris states “My job as a low vision doctor, as well as my colleagues around the country with the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, is to get people DOING by enhancing their remaining vision.   The only way to do this is by making things look bigger and look closer, which makes them easier to see.  It’s magnification, and in my case, I specialize in Hands-free devices.

Low vision devices are usually quite task specific, unlike normal glasses for normal sight like Bifocals and Trifocals that allow a person to see up close, across the room and down the street with one device.  Usually, more than one device is needed to allow a person to do the range of tasks they have on their wish list.

Keep in mind that most all of the devices I specialize in are customized to the individual’s needs and to their individual glasses prescription versus being one-size-fits-all, which most often makes the difference in how effective and usable the devices are.  As you might expect, all of what’s available to help these patients take some effort on their part to learn to use the devices.  I tell patients that they don’t do any good sitting in the drawer and that they don’t provide normal vision or look like normal glasses, but they also don’t have normal vision anymore.”

This presentation is open to the public and anyone needing information about vision loss is encouraged to attend.