Book Author: John Delane Williams

John Delane Williams in his book “Lee Harvey Oswald, Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination” describes Oswald’s life more accurately than it has been portrayed in most previous publications.  It incorporates the book by Ernst Titovets on Oswald’s life in Russia, and the book by Judyth Baker, “Me and Lee”. together with the book, “The Man Who Knew too Much” to get a more complete and accurate representation of Oswald.  In addressing the importance of Lyndon Johnson, it will be seen that he was a man of enormous failures and successes.  Kennedy’s lesser known, but important successes are also addressed.

If time permits, Williams and Gary Severson will discuss their interview with Madeleine Brown, Lyndon Johnson’s longterm mistress, and mother of Johnson’s son.  This interview is the subject of a panel discussion by Williams and Severson in the upcoming JFK Converence in Dallas, in November 2018.