Birthday Party with Dale Martell Entertaining

Dale Martell Dale began his professional musical career directly after high school joining a group of local musicians to form the rock band Wizard. Next came an acoustic project to explore Irish and roots music with the formation of power duo Timbre with Patrick Cutler. From there along with good friend Jim Elkin he went on to form local twin cities band Loose Change which toured the Midwest for 5 years. Vicious Rumor and The Shifters were subsequent projects. In 1984 he began a four year degree working his way through college as a musician. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. His first non-musical job after college was working locally for IDS as a financial planner. When he was transferred to the IDS offices in San Diego California, a friend introduced him to the legendary Beach Boys who offered him employment as a backline technician. He was soon promoted to equipment manger and crew chief. In 1993 he began playing guitar solos in the Beach Boys shows. From 1994 -1995 he appeared with Beach Boys on a regular basis as lead guitarist.

Dale now divides his time between his family and his current bands the Zebra Mussels, Irish bluegrass and folk duo Timbre Creek, as well as several other duo configurations, all of which can be seen on the bands page. Dale plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddle and mandolin.