Artist Susan Weinberg: “We Spoke Jewish”


It’s All About Story

Since 2008 my work has focused on family, cultural and community history. My journey began with a series of artwork on family history which led to an exploration of related topics.

Recent series include: The Silence Speaks Loudly (Lithuania), an exploration of how Holocaust history is being rewritten in Lithuania and the stories of the former Jewish community that remain. (2009)

A Hole in Time (Poland), a visit to the pre-war Jewish community of Radom, Poland (2010)

The Jewish Identity and Legacy Project, artwork developed from oral histories with elders at a senior residential facility. The work is continuing through talks and a book out in October 2017. (2011-present)

Dvora’s Story, an exploration of one survivor’s experience through story and imagery.  This interview addresses how I began to paint stories related to the Holocaust.(2014-2015)

The Jewish Artists’ Lab, a project with local artists where we explored a topic through study and art culminating in an exhibition. (2013-present)

Memory is my newest series still under construction.  As so much of my work deals with memory, I decided to explore the topic of loss of memory.  As I’ve supported aging parents who were losing memory, I became both a keen observer and a participant in this experience. (2014-present)

Story is central to my work and I share them verbally as well as through artwork, text and video.  By combining imagery and story, I seek to embed story in memory